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There's no better feeling then freely giving your time to others and knowing you're making a difference. Come make a difference with us!


Each year the God IS Bigger Movement participates in various craft fairs and other civic gatherings not simply to raise funds through the sale of GIBM merchandise but to personally share the message and love of GOD in a direct and personal way.

And we simply can not do all this alone...We would simply LOVE for you to join us at these event whenever you are able.  Get on our Volunteer Team Extraordinary People today!

Come Join Us!

Help Spread the Love on your own time.


Life can just get so busy sometimes it just makes it hard to find extra time!

But you can still be a part of our team in a big way!   Go to the GIBM store and pick up a pack or two of GIBM bracelets to give away whenever and wherever you are! 

What an amazing way to spread the message that GOD is Bigger than anything you may be facing.  Lives have literally been changed simply because someone gave another person a bracelet!

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