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The GOD IS BIGGER MOVEMENT is a registered 501c3 Charitable organization that was created to offer Hope to a broken world. We all need to know that when life seems big... God is bigger.


The God is Bigger Movement purchases silicone bracelets, T-shirts and other merchandise, then donates a large portion of that merchandise to missionaries, charities, abused women, the homeless, individuals and other groups all over the world in need the hope and life that only the Lord himself can offer. 


But we need your help!!!  Vendors don't give us special pricing just because of our Godly mission.  You can help in several ways: 

  • Volunteering

  • Tax deductable Donations in exchange for GIBM merchandise

  • Making a tax deductible cash donation.

Please pray first then if God places it in your heart PLEASE give as the Lord moves you to do so.

THANK YOU and God Bless!


*We are not church affiliated as we are an independent, stand alone, organization.

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The God is Bigger Movement purchases silicone bracelets and Tshirts to GIVE BY DONATIONS AMOUNTS to keep the movement going. Although merchandise is given by donations, the movement gives a large portion of their inventory to missionaries, charities, abused women, the homeless and so on. There have been several prayer vigils recently that requested the GOD IS BIGGER MOVEMENT wrist bands to give out out for the benefit of helping people cope with the death of their loved ones. GIB bands were also shipped to flood victims of Louisiana, the church shootings in Charlestown, South Carolina, the coach whose job was taken because he prayed with a student, Pilots for Christ that takes those without the funds and insurance to medically transport patients to healthcare facilities and the list goes on and on and on.

Your donations not only allow you to have and wear a Beacon of Gods love and hope but they also help us to continur to spread this same message all across the world!

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And from all of us here at

The God Is Bigger Movement......



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