What is the God is Bigger Movement!!

GOD IS BIGGER MOVEMENT is a non profit 501(C)3 organization that was created to offer Hope to a broken world. We give BY DONATION AMOUNTS, PRODUCTS OF THE GOD IS BIGGER MOVEMENT bracelets and tshirts. We all need to know that when life gets big God is bigger. The hope and life that the Lord can offer is all up into Seeking him and Finding God. We are not church affiliated as we are an independent, stand alone, organization.

The God is Bigger Movement purchases silicone bracelets and Tshirts to GIVE BY DONATIONS AMOUNTS to keep the movement going. Although merchandise is given by donations, the movement gives a large portion of their inventory to missionaries, charities, abused women, the homeless and so on. There have been several prayer vigils recently that requested the GOD IS BIGGER MOVEMENT wrist bands to give out out for the benefit of helping people cope with the death of their loved ones. GIB bands were also shipped to flood victims of Louisiana, the church shootings in Charlestown, South Carolina, the coach whose job was taken because he prayed with a student, Pilots for Christ that takes those without the funds and insurance to medically transport patients to healthcare facilities and the list goes on and on and on.
The wrist bands are worn by local TV news celebrities like the Fox 6 news cast . And recently the star players of the University of Alabama and Auburn along with the head gymnastics team coaches.



All this being said, God is Bigger Movement provides a banner of hope that is not just covered by disease but your marriage, your home life, wayward children, your job, unexpected dying parents, unexpected diagnosis and so on that God is bigger than that, and He’s is bigger than the grave! He is the creator of Hope and we get the honor to just hand out the maps that direct people to His hope and peace. This movement has also created a drive for others to share these products with who they think may need them and given to total strangers. You would love to see their faces – People are so grateful!GOD IS BIGGER PRODUCTS GIVEN FOR SPECIFIC DONATION AMOUNTS- Apparel comes in gray and white as we are promoting the solution and not the disease, not representing all diseases, like as much as possible!!!! - The tri-colored GIB on the front of the shirts also have meaning Orange/Red represents the POWER OF GOD - brown represents that WE ARE ALL OF FILTHY RAGS, white represents how He WASHED US WHITER THAN SNOW, Teal blue represents HEALING AND REDEMPTION. So this product was well thought out before the first purchase. Please inbox us your order for tshirts and bracelets -We are a non profit organization so NO ONE here makes a salary or a dime off of what you order. The bracelets are given for donations that are as close to cost as possible and the shirts are given for specific donation amounts to help fund the bracelets as some are given to churches and missions, and those in need of his PROMISE.


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