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2023 God Is Bigger Annual Bass Tournament Participant Agreement, Acknowledgement of Risk and Release

In consideration of the GOD IS BIGGER MOVEMENT allowing angler under 18 years of age to participate in this  tournament, Parent or legal guardian and angler acknowledge and agree to the following:

1. We have read and understand the Official Rules of this tournament. Angler will obey all rules and understand that any violation may result in immediate disqualification.

2. We understand and acknowledge that competitive fishing is a dangerous sport, the risk and which include, though not exclusively, injuries from hooks and other fishing paraphernalia, collisions in the water, and drowning. We assume responsibility for all of these risks identified, and not identified, and all risk of injury or death or damage to myself or my property or to others, including spectators and their property arising from my participation in this tournament.

3. In signing this document, we release, discharge, and hold harmless and indemnify, GOD IS BIGGER MOVEMENT, its Officers, its Directors, the Tournament workers, the Host sponsors, tournament officials and all other persons or entities associated with this tournament from all liability, claims, or rights of action which are related to, arise out of or in any way connected with my participation or that of my minor participant in this tournament for any and all injury, death, illness or disease, and other damage or loss to property suffered by myself or others.

4. Parent or legal guardian gives angler who is under 18 years of age permission to fish the GOD IS BIGGER MOVEMENT 6TH ANNUAL BASS FISHING TOURNAMENT held on September 23, 2023.


My signature below reflects that I have read this entire document, understand it completely, understand that it affects my legal rights, and agree to be bound by its items.

By signing above you hereby agree to all the terms, conditions and rules of this tournament. This mark constitutes a legal signature.  TO SIGN SIMPLY DRAW IN BOX WITH MOUSE OR FINGER (IF YOUR DEVISE ALLOWS)

Thanks for submitting!

See ya at the lake!!

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