What an amazing success! Here are the Results!


1st       Zeke Gossett/Josh Stracner  

2nd       Bo Hunter/Weston Hunter              

3rd       Joey Palmer/Cody Palmer  

4th       Tim Hurst/Mark McCaig       

5th       Van Golden/Eric Edwards        

6th       Jeremy Gurley/Wayne Brasher  

7th       Lee Holmes/Alan Guinn              

8th       Marty Giddens/Steve Fincher            



1st       Kyle Colley/Carolyn Colley         



1st      Bo Hunter/Weston Hunter        

2nd     Tim Miller/Hunter Bridges          

15.60 lbs

15.57 lbs      

14.21 lbs

14.17 lbs

13.58 lbs

13.08 lbs

13.01 lbs

12.93 lbs      


9.84 lbs


15.57 lbs

11.56 lbs

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

​And a huge thank you to everyone that participated and helped us out! We couldn't have done it without you!

Because of your help we will be able to continue sharing the powerful message that GOD truly IS BIGGER.

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